How virtual reality could bring a full sized movie theater to your home

Many people love going to the movie theater, it offers a kind of movie watching experience that you can’t get on your couch. What people don’t love is the ever present annoying moviegoers that plague 90% of theaters and do nothing but ruin the experience for people who actually want to enjoy the movie. Fortunately, virtual reality technology can fix that.  

I love going to the movie theater. Seriously, I love it. I just hate all the other people that go. Quite early on, my parents taught me that there was but one rule for going to the theater: silence is golden. If the theater was a moviegoer’s church, talking or otherwise ruining the experience for others was sin. If I talked, we’d leave. Simple as that. Sometime in the past few years, though, it’s like people have forgotten how to do the movie theater.

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