HP plans to lay off another 5,000 employees, total now rests at 34,000

 Bad news for Hewlett-Packard employees. The company has already adjusted the number of people it needed to let go from 27,000 to 29,000 a year ago, but it’s now added another 5,000 for a total of 34,000. The good news, for everyone left anyway, is that CEO Meg Whitman has promised that this will be the last big round of layoffs. 

HP has officially ratcheted up its layoff numbers again. It will be cutting another 5,000 jobs above and beyond the 29,000 jobs it had previously targeted. And that was an increase from the 27,000 jobs it announced in May 2012, as first reported by Business Insider. In HP’s previous quarterly earnings reports filed with the SEC, it warned investors that the company might get rid of more than 29,000 employees.


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