Intel's new NUC D54250WYK mini desktop computer

One of the major obstacles to buying a NUC is undoubtedly the cost is the storage of this minimachine. The arrival of Intel NUC D54250WYKH and support conventional 2.5-inch disks will allow not only to integrate a more diverse and competitive range of solutions but also to recycle components.

Mini desktop machines are not exactly in vogue when you think about it, but they sure as heck are useful to get some of the more basic computing tasks done without having to take up too much clutter on your physical workspace. Well, we have seen the likes of the Linutop 5 earlier this month, and here we are with Intel’s new range of NUC models that will arrive with 2.5” bays, opening up the door for you to enjoy just about any kind of hard drive or SSD solution in a tiny package. These new NUC systems will purportedly be made available to the masses before the year is over.

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