Netflix is testing out a cheaper, standard definition streaming plan

Netflix is testing out a new streaming plan that shaves off a dollar from the monthly fee in exchange for standard definition streaming. The option is currently only available to new users, existing users aren’t yet able to get access to the new pricing. The company hopes that this new option will crack down on family sharing and will instead convince more people to create their own accounts.

For budget-conscious folks looking to get their hands on the next season of House of Cards, Netflix is shaving a buck off its usual subscription price for people who are okay with watching a lower-definition picture. Some people who are trying to sign up for a new Netflix account are being greeted with the option to sign up for a $6.99/month plan that allows users to stream standard definition video to one device, in addition to the company’s $7.99/month and $11.99/month plans, which allow high-definition simultaneous streaming to two and four devices respectively.

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