New bluetooth thermometer can withstand any weather and be accessed by your phone

Blue Maestro, a UK-based company, has released a smart Bluetooth thermometer disguised as a pebble called Tempo. The device can be left outside and can withstand any weather. It’s easily accessible with any mobile device that has the free Tempo app. 

No, don’t worry: it’s not another terrible mouse design from Apple. This is the Tempo from UK-based Blue Maestro, and it’s a smart Bluetooth thermometer disguised as a pebble. It’s actually a pretty cool-sounding device. It is weatherproof and durable (even the screws for the battery cover – 2xAA – are made from brass), and disguised so that you can leave it outside without tempting some drunken teenagers to steal it from your garden. It uses low-power Bluetooth to communicate with the free Tempo app, so you can just leave it outside until you need to check the temperature.

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By Connor Livingston

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