New startup aims to help expectant parents find the best healthcare providers

A new startup called Additive Analytics has released its new product,  MaternityCompare, that aims to not only help parents-to-be become smarter healthcare consumers, but also give hospitals an incentive to improve their care. The website pulls public data from the U.S. government and turns it into an easy-to-understand reference tool.

Choosing an obstetrician can be extremely stressful for expectant parents. Additive Analytics, a new startup, hopes to help patients find trustworthy providers with MaternityCompare, its first product. The site pulls data that is publicly available from the U.S. government and turns it into an easy-to-understand reference tool. MaternityCompare shows what percentage of newborns at different hospitals throughout the U.S. had deliveries that were scheduled one to three weeks early for no medical reason, which can negatively affect the baby’s health.

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