New startup lets you decide what happens to your online accounts after you die

Something a lot of people don’t consider is what happens to their online accounts after they die. The online accounts of people who have died often times remain public and unmanaged because the only person who can access them is dead. Fortunately, a startup called Perpetu wants to make it easier for people to ensure their our social network accounts are properly shutdown after they die.

One day each of us will pass on and be no more. We will cease to be, expired stiff and bereft of life, our metabolic processes part of history. Most of us don’t like to think about joining the choir invisible or, for that matter, what will happen to our online profiles once we become ex-people. A startup called Perpetu wants to make it easier for us to ensure that our social network accounts are unplugged once we shuffle off this mortal coil. The service, which currently lets users add Facebook or Twitter accounts for free, just launched its premium service, which costs $15 a year or a $100 one-time payment and includes support for LinkedInGmailDropboxFlickr and GitHub.

By Rocco Penn

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