Nickelodeon creates a kid-friendly online network

Two Nickelodeon veterans, Greg Alkalay and Taso Mastorakis, have created a new kid-friendly online network called BatteryPOP. The network gives children a safe place to watch entertaining videos from over 30 creators. The network currently has about 50-60 hours of kid-friendly content.

YouTube may be a popular destination for kids, but parents know that it’s not a kid-friendly one. One innocent video of Elmo singing leads to others of him cursing and slinging racial slurs. That’s why two Nickelodeon vets have created BatteryPOP – an online and mobile destination where children ages six to eleven can safely browse through cartoons, comedy, music videos and more, sending their favorites to the top of the heap by “popping” them – a mechanism which could one day pave the way to make BatteryPOP a farm league for the major networks, like Nick or the Cartoon Channel, for example.

By Scarlett Madison

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