Nokia pulls Here Maps from Apple store, claims that iOS 7 hurts user experience

Back when iOS users were still suffering from Apple’s terrible web mapping service application, Nokia came to the rescue with it’s own app called Here Maps. Now that Apple has fixed its mapping service and Google Maps is available on the Apple store, there isn’t much use for Nokia’s app. The company pulled it’s app from the Apple store and claimed that it was doing so because iOS 7 hurts the user experience.

Seems, Nokia has pulled out Here Maps application from Apple store. If you remember Nokia made a mapping application for iOS users  when they were suffering from launch of Apple’s “iLost Maps” and there was no Google Maps to rescue. The application saw lots of downloads even reaching to top download rankings. But, it was not a fully featured app like the “Here / Nokia” Maps app like we have on Symbian and Windows Phone and was met with some criticism as well. Later when Apple allowed Google to bring its fully featured maps to iOS, Nokia didn’t follow-up with its own set of updates losing the opportunity perhaps ( or was it deliberate?).

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