Nokia releases Motion Tracker beta for Lumia 1520 owners looking to get up and go

With the number of gadgets that have contributed to our sedentary lifestyles, it’s always nice to see a piece of technology bent on getting people up and moving. After teasing the app a few months back, Nokia’s finally debuting Motion Monitor, well, the beta version at least.

Did you miss this morning’s deal on the Fitbit Flex? That’s a shame as Fitbit sets the standard for pedometer devices, but there’s a great alternative now on the Windows Phone Store: Nokia Motion Monitor (beta). Teased at Abu Dhabi, Nokia Motion Monitor is exactly what it sounds like. Similar to the recent Samsung Galaxy phones, this app uses the internal sensors to detect your walking patterns. It then tallies up your steps in the app, optionally on your lockscreen (seen above) and it then adds some visually appealing graphs to show the amount. There are also ‘events’ that signify the commencing of intense activity, all logged for you. You can also go back to other days to see your steps taken.

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