Nokia smartwatch rumored for Q3 2014

Smartwatches seem to be the trend these days and it looks as though almost every tech company has either released a smartwatch, or has been rumored to be release one. Nokia has been the subject of such rumors and according to the latest one, Nokia’s alleged smartwatch is said to arrive come Q3 2014.

A tip received by us claims that Axel Meyer, head of Emerging Devices and Peter Skillman are working on Nokia smart watch. This device will feature advanced form of bendable / wearable tech demonstrated by Nokia earlier in form of “Nokia Kinetic” prototype. User can control devices with kinetic tech by bending, twisting and even squeezing it. So, it is highly suitable for a wearable like smart watch. In case you are interested to watch “Nokia Kinetic” in action, check the old Nokia video below.

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By Michio Hasai

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