Over 285 million big brand tablets in use by end of year

There will be over 285 million big brand tablets in use by the end of the year, a new report from ABI Research shows, from well-known devices makers including Apple, Samsung and others. Apparently the report does not include cheaper tablets made by less known players in the tablet business, also known as white-box tablets. In the U.S., more than 70 million tablets will have been purchased by the end of the year, “about one for every four persons.”

Tablets have been on the top of many wish lists since 2010 when Apple launched its first iPad device. The installed base of big brand (Apple, Samsung, etc.) media tablets is expected to surpass 285 million units at the close of 2013, according to new Market Data from intelligence firm ABI Research. The United States, which has been the largest single tablet market since inception, represents more than 70 million tablets alone, or about one for every four persons.

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