Parents are to blame for the next generation's internet addicted kids

Based on a decade’s research and hundreds of interviews, Microsoft researcher Danah Boyd has concluded that parents are to blame for the next generation’s internet addicted kids. The gist of it is that, in general, parents nowadays are simply too protective of their kids and prefer to have them socialize through the internet rather than in person. Boyd claims that teens are not addicted to social media. They are addicted to each other. But since they are forbidden to hang out in real life they do so online.

We all know how entitled millennials are supposed to be. Well, the next generation isn’t looking so hot, either. They’re stuck indoors, clasped to the bosoms of anxious parents. Is it any wonder they are addicts, addicted to interacting online. Over protective parents who will not allow their precious little snowflakes play in the street are responsible for their kids’ online addictions.

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