Samsung managed to sell around 40 million tablets in 2013

Samsung managed to meet its self-imposed goal of 40 million tablet sales for 2013. The South Korean company has an even more ambitious goal for 2014 with hopes to sell 100 million tablets by the end of next year. 

New sales numbers have been rolling in for the global sales numbers of Samsung tablets in 2013, and it appears that the Korean company hit its self-imposed goal of 40 million units. At an analyst’s meeting this past Nov., Samsung told those gathered to hear projections that it hoped to hit a sales number of 40 million tablets this year. According to company insiders speaking with FNNEWS in Korea, a total of 12 million slates were sold in the fourth quarter of the year, and when added with the previous quarters – 9.1 million, 8.4 million and 10.5 million respectively – the company did indeed hit its goal.

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