Searchlet removes the need to have a gazillion tabs open at once

For those of us who constantly have a gazillion tabs open, the Searchlet webapp may come in handy. To use Searchlet, all you need to do is install it onto your bookmarks bar. When you highlight a term and click on your Searchlet button, a sidebar slides into the left of your browser page and shows you results from four online references: Google, Wikipedia, Google News and open content dictionary Wiktionary. 

At any given moment during my working day, I have browser tabs open for my email account, FeedlyTechCrunchWordPressConvoTwitterGoogle CalendarRedditPinterest and Facebook. That’s in addition to all the sites I am using for research (or to procrastinate) and desktop apps like Skype and Spotify. As a result of tab overload, and my ever-dwindling supply of brain cells, I often suffer from Google AmnesiaSearchlet won’t give me back the bits of my brain I have already lost, but the handy Web app will increase my productivity by making searches a lot easier.

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