Singaporean scientists create an invisibility beam

Scientists from the University of Singapore could very well have come up with a more refined invisibility solution, calling it a “beam of darkness” which will be able to envelop objects, where in turn, it would make them invisible to the naked eye.

Researchers at the National University of Singapore have built abeam of darkness that can make objects invisible from a long distance away. This isn’t the plot from some not-so-distant sci-fi movie: It really works. The beam of darkness can create a 3D region of invisibility — or “empty light capsule” as the researchers call it — that can hide macroscopic objects.

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  • twmechi

    cool,, and they keep it their “empty light cabinet” where no one can see if it!

    • twmechi

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      cool,, and they keep it in their “empty light cabinet” where no one can see it!