Some of Asia's e-commerce sites are capable of outselling Amazon

More specifically, China, which can leverage its manufacturing hub and market size. However, e-commerce sites in the region should first resolve key challenges with user interface, service support, and logistics.

Tis the season for many a festive shopping spree, and it’s beginning to look like much of the spending will be heading online.¬†According to Goldman Sachs, global e-commerce sales will climb 19.4 percent to hit US$963 billion this year, with Asia accounting for the bulk of it at US$323.1 billion, followed by Europe at US$283 billion, and the U.S. at US$235.1 billion. Among these three main regions, Asia will see the strongest growth of 27.5 percent, with Europe at 13.2 percent, and the U.S. at 12.4 percent.¬†

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