Sony’s new tiny USB flashdrive can plug into your Android device

We’re always being offered new ways of getting the photos stored on our phones or tablets into the cloud, where they can be shared with other devices. However, there are times this isn’t convenient, either because there’s no Wi-Fi, or we just don’t want to eat through our data in such a frivolous manner. Step forward Sony with its new two-in-one USB flash drive, which is small enough to be carried around at all times, and won’t put a strain on your data allowance if you want to share any pictures. 

It looks like Sony has figured out the best possible solution for smartphone and tablet users in desperate need of removable storage solutions in a world of increasingly sealed devices. Android has supported USB OTG support for a little while now, but it’s a rarity that you’ll see much of anyone use it for something other than a controller for games. The real benefit to OTG support is removable storage access, specifically the ability to connect a thumb drive or SD card in order to either offload data or play videos from a mass storage device.

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By Connor Livingston

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