Starbucks brings back its premium $450 gift cards

Consumers love purchasing items that are viewed as “premium” and Starbucks recently decided to exploit this tendency by releasing a limited production, laser-etched, $450 gift card. Only 5,000 were released but they were all sold in under six minutes for a total of $2.25 million worth of gift cards. Now Starbucks is bringing back the gift cards except this time they’ll only be producing 1,000 in order to retain the “premium” feel.

What do you get the coffee drinker who has everything? Consider Starbucks‘ version of the“Black Card”— a limited-edition, $450, fancy looking gift card, ideal for that special someone who can’t bear paying with something as pedestrian as cash, credit or even an app. For the second holiday season in a row, the coffee chain is offering its over-the-top metal gift cards, which go on sale at starting Friday at noon.

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