‘Stop The Cyborgs’ offers anti-Google Glass signs to restaurants and bars

A group calling itself “Stop The Cyborgs” is pushing back against Google Glass wearers by offering bars and restaurants free, colorful anti-Google Glass signs to warn customers that the wearable computers are not welcomed in their establishments.

You can download the following images (Free for non-commercial use and free for use in commercial ventures like cafes, bars, restaurants and blogs or news articles provided you are not selling the images themselves.) Click here to Download signs in pdf format or Click on the images below to download png versions with a transparent background. Put them up to ban people from wearing Google Glass and other wearable surveillance devices to help protect your privacy. If you are not sure if you qualify as non commercial use or would like support us. You can buy printed stickers, t-shirts and posters from the our store: Stop The Cyborgs Store

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    Google glass is a punch in the mouth waiting to happen. Just picture some deviant filming kids on a train. Oh, not a deviant? And how do we know that? We don’t. And if you choose to wear this ridiculous, unnecessary, rude, intrusive and creepy tech in public, whatever happens to you is your own doing.