Studio behind QuizUp manages to raise $22 million in funding

QuizUp is a trivia app for the iPhone that has managed to rack up over 5 million downloads in the five weeks that it’s been on the App Store. Plain Vanilla Games, the studio behind the app, has already managed to raise $22 million in funding in order to assure that the app won’t be just another fad that suffers the same fate as Draw Something. Plain Vanilla CEO Thor Fridriksson says “The difference with QuizUp is that our users are becoming part of communities, chatting with one another, forming relationships, and investing deeply in the experience”.

Plain Vanilla Games, the studio behind the wildly popular QuizUp, a trivia app for iPhone, announced today it has raised a $22 million series B round of venture capital funding. Since it launched only five weeks ago, the game has already racked up more than 5 million downloads. Perhaps most importantly for the app’s long-term prospects, more than 22,000 users have applied to become Wikipedia-style contributors to the topic forums created around trivia categories like basketball, horror movies, and theoretical physics.

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