Targeted ads are the key to turning Twitter into a viable advertising platform

Now that Twitter has gone public, the company needs to prove to its shareholders that it can generate money. As it stands, only about half of marketers using Twitter are satisfied with the service. One web strategist, Tim Jensen, even went so far as to advise his clients against using it because of the clunky advertising interface and the limited functionality. However, ever since the  new retargeting tool was introduced, marketers can segment ads based on specific products and services. This is a major step towards turning Twitter into a viable advertising platform.

Social media is maturing as a medium for advertising. The challenge is proving the return on investment and according to recent data, marketers using Twitter are only half satisfied with the service. Now that Twitter has gone public, it needs to show and prove its value and make its shareholders happy by keeping its customers happy. Of course, this comes down to improving the service in a way that generates revenue. Fortunately, Twitter is smart enough to move quickly with those improvements, among which a tool that enables targeted advertising on the platform.

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