The age of Google is over, get ready for the age of Google+

The Director of Community Partnerships at Google+ claims that the age where was the nexus for all of Google’s products is over, the age of Google+ is about to begin. Over the last year, Google has be aggressively, and often to the outrage of its customers, forcing users to adopt Google+. Google has done so by either forcibly integrating Google+ into its other services, like YouTube, or shutting down potential competition, like Google Reader.

Steve Grove, Director of Community Partnerships at Google+, has some big ideas about the nature of Google+. In an interview with LiveMint he talked about where the service is going, how celebrities could grow the service, and how G+ is the new Google. Anyone who has used a Google product this year, and isn’t necessarily a G+ user, has seen its influence creep over the rest of the company’s services. The YouTube comment integration washandled horribly, and the company even canned Google Reader, likely in the hopes that G+ could become your new feed to read.

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