Waze speeds up its sat nav app with quicker search and simpler interface

Even though Waze is now under Google’s umbrella, it’s continued to operate as if nothing has changed, other than the fact that it now has a billion dollars. To that end, it’s just rolled out a new release for Android and iOS with some welcome new features, most significantly an auto-complete function for addresses and categories that plays well with its new Google search powers.

One of the big highlights of this version is the addition of auto complete. Whether you are searching for contacts, businesses, a new address or a favorite place, Waze will detect and suggest it after typing only the first few letters. Auto complete will work for categories too! Just start typing in the category you want and auto complete will suggest the desired category and find the results you want. We know this is exciting news for devoted Wazers but please keep in mind that the feature will first be gradually rolled out (it may take a few weeks) for Wazers located in the US and afterwards for Wazers located in other countries.      

By Scarlett Madison

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