Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer apologizes for mail outage

Last week quite a lot of Yahoo Mail users started complaining about issues when trying to access the service. Soon after that, the company confirmed that one of its Mail servers was acting up, and that the issue had proved to be much harder to fix than anticipated. Yahoo assured users that it had teams working on it round the clock to bring everything back up. The Mail issues seem to have been taken care now, and with all that done and dusted, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer took to the company’s official blog to apologize for the prolonged outage.

Yahoo and CEO Marissa Mayer have had a no good, very bad week. Mayer acknowledged as much on Friday night in a post on her Tumblr, where she wrote that she and the company were “very sorry” for the prolonged Yahoo Mail outages that left people unable to access their email for several days this week.

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