All-digital library opens up in Bexar County, Texas

The Bibliotech Library that just opened up in Bexar County, Texas is unique in that it lacks any actual books, at least physical copies. The new library offers over 10,000 books to residents of Bexar County in the form of digital copies that can be read on loanable e-readers. Not only does this save space, as you don’t have to store any physical books, but it costs a lot less too. The Bibliotech Library cost taxpayers and donors about $2.3 million to build, this compared to the $120 million conventional library that is being built in nearby Austin.

Last summer, a daring reimagination of the public library — and perhaps, a testament to Apple design philosophy — opened in Bexar County, Texas. The Bibliotech Library, bereft of printed books, opened in an underserved county with the mission of providing digital assets to the local community at a fraction of the cost and floor space of a traditional library. The facility, free to all Bexar County residents, gives users access to BiblioTech’s digital collection including e-books, audiobooks, and software training databases. Additionally, the facility provides wireless Internet access to all patrons; computer classes; e-readers for lending and circulation; programs for children and adults, and a study and meeting space similar to that of a more traditional library.


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