Anonymous hacks MIT in memory of Aaron Swartz

Anonymous defaced MIT’s SSL-enabled Cogeneration Project page on Friday night, displaying a page that called viewers to “Remember the day we fight back.” “The day we fight back” references a protest planned for February 11 in opposition to surveillance and remembering Internet activist Aaron Swartz. The protest is backed by the EFF, Demand Progress, reddit, and Mozilla, among other big players in Internet culture.The defacement no longer appears on the site, but was down as of Saturday morning.

On the anniversary of young hacker and digital activist Aaron Swartz’s death, Anonymous has re-engaged its Operation Last resort to hack MIT’s website, taking over the server for its Cogeneration project. The website has been defaced for one hour. The page is now titled THE DAY WE FIGHT BACK. (Update Saturday, January 11, 1:02pm PST: MIT’s Cogen websites has been down for nearly an hour.) The defacement states “REMEMBER THE DAY WE FIGHT BACK REMEMBER” and remains as of this writing, with the SSL-enabled version of the site redirecting to the page on load.

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