App that pays you to work out now has new diet features

GymPact, now renamed Pact, is an app that makes you form a “pact” to exercise, log your meals on, or eat vegetables for a certain number of days. Completing your end of the pact gets you rewards in the form of small change that accumulates. Failing to meet the daily requirements results in a small deduction from your credit card. 

GymPact, the app gives you money if you make your fitness goals, has a new name,Pact, and two new diet-oriented features for the New Year. We covered GymPact when it first launched a year ago and again in June when it received $850,000 in funding from the founder of Guitar Hero. It recently secured an additional $1.5 million in a seed roundled by Khosla Ventures and Max Levchin to expand its features beyond exercise.

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By Scarlett Madison

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