Apple might introduce liquidmetal alloys into future devices

Apple signed an agreement with Liquidmetal Technologies back in 2010, but has only tested the alloys in the SIM card eject tool of the iPhone 3G, which was ages ago considering we’re now onto the iPhone 5s. But new evidence reveals Apple could introduce more alloy components, following up on a report from last July that revealed a way to mass produce thin sheets of the Liquidmetal alloys, as noted by MacRumors.

Back in 2010, Apple signed an exclusive agreement with Caltech spinoff Liquidmetal Technologies, providing Apple with the rights to use Liquidmetal’s advanced metal alloys for consumer electronics purposes. Liquidmetal’s amorphous metal alloys or bulk metallic glasses posses a number of characteristic properties such as high strength and corrosion resistance while remaining relatively light and able to be cast into a variety of forms. 

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