ARK portable charger can charge your smartphone wirelessly

The total wireless charging for cellphones is now a reality, as the BEZALEL team just launched their new project ARK on Kickstarter. The ARK is a new portable charger that empowers cellphones wirelessly, 100% cord free. The idea of ARK came to BEZALEL team members as they saw people and themselves always frustrated with smartphone battery problems. 

ARK is one of the latest portable wireless device chargers for people who are tired of having to tether their smartphone or tablet to an outlet when it runs out of juice. The small, block-like base uses Qi, an interoperable standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortiumand is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. ARK was created by a Los Angeles-based startup called BEZALEL, and is compatible with all Qi-certified devices, including the iPhone 4 and later, the Nokia Lumia series, and Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, and Nexus 4.

By Rocco Penn

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