Artists can now sell merchandise on Spotify for free

There is a lot of competition between music streaming services, given the fact that the market is being catered to by a wide variety of services. Spotify has established itself as a major player in this particular market, it boasts over 24 million users and continues to grow. In a bid to attract more artists, which in turn is likely to bring in more listeners, Spotify now lets artists sell their merchandise for free. 

Dear Readers, we’re excited to announce that, from today, all artists can now list their merchandise within Spotify, for free! In partnership with Topspin, you’ll now be able to display your t-shirts, vinyl, posters, bundles and other merchandise to all of your fans and followers on Spotify. There are zero fees or commissions from Spotify or Topspin and you don’t need to change how you sell merchandise at all. ArtistLink links to your existing merchandise anywhere on the web and displays it on Spotify’s artist pages.

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