AT&T lays out plans for testing how to upgrade America's infrastructure

AT&T has laid out plans to test how it can upgrade America’s infrastructure from copper based to fiber-optic based. The company has filed the plans with the Federal Communications Commission and hopes to be able to streamline the effort which is supposed to be complete within the next six years.

AT&T has filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) its plan on how it intends to test the process of upgrading the nation’s infrastructure to fiber-optic based, rather than copper. In its filing, it has said that it will select markets not based on ease of transition, but as a way to learn about the process to streamline the effort, which in its trial phases, is supposed to be complete before 2020. AT&T’s Frank Simone wrote in its proposal to the FCC that “AT&T intends to select locations for the service-based experiments that represent the challenges it will face with the transition, and conduct an extensive review of the services to be impacted as part of this experiment.”

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