Biometric gaming headset makes games harder he angrier you get

Using a headset modified with biometric sensors, Samuel Matson created a game that only gets more difficult the more you rage at it. Dubbed “Immersion”, the device uses an Arduino microprocessor and pulse sensor inside a custom-designed headset. From there, it feeds your heart rate to a simple FPS game running in the Unity engine. The more stressed the player becomes, the more difficult the game gets. The idea is that players can use it as a way to control their stress, and thus their rage.

Visual designer Samuel Matson has an idea on how to rid the world of gamer rage. It’s not through medication, counselling or discipline. It’s through prevention.He’s designed a headset called Immersion, which not only uses biometrics to track a user’s heart rate, but can then adjust what’s going on in a game accordingly. Based on researching a number of gamer’s heart rates while playing a shooter, and using a raw prototype hooked up to an Xbox 360, the Immersion would gently adjust the difficulty and content of a game based on how the player was feeling. Which sounds a lot like it would only benefit singleplayer experiences, but who knows, maybe the data it captures could be useful for a multiplayer server as well.

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