Brands can create their own streaming radio platform with Rhythm

A company called Gracenote, which was just acquired by Tribune Media for $170 million, has released a new platform called Gracenote Rhythm that allows brands to create their own streaming radio platform. The Rhythm platform will allow clients to create stations that are specific to a genre or type of music, or that focus entirely on a regional area.

Gracenote, which provides musical data for a slew of top streaming services, is launching a new platform today that will enable brands to launch their own music services. The company was just acquired by Tribune Media for $170 million, and its primary service is retrieving data about a specific song or song library (artist, genre, album title, origin/region, etc.), to add context to the music that’s being played and allow music services (Amazon, Apple’s iTunes Radio, Spotify, and more) to collect meaningful information about user behavior. Its latest platform, Gracenote Rhythm, hopes to provide a “Radio as a Service” that will give organizations that aren’t in the music business a way to create their own streaming platform.

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