BuyHandPicked has personal shoppers do your online shopping for you

More and more people are shopping online – it’s where the best deals are, and it beats going round the shops. But it can be very time consuming and stressful trawling through dozens of sites to find exactly what you want at the right price. With BuyHandPicked, your personal shoppers do all the work for you. Hundreds of internet savvy personal shoppers scour the internet to provide you with a list of products which meet all of your product requirements. 

Shopping online can be a tedious affair, characterised by bottomless trawling of search engine results and price comparison websites to try to locate whatever finicky thing you really need this time. Shopping requirements can also get pretty specific — a pair of blackout curtains with a 70+ inch drop, say, or a toaster that has a removable basket so you can lift your toasted bagels out without getting your fingers burnt. Requests that are often far too specific for a simple search engine query to turn up purely relevant results. Further human digging is all-too-often required to wade through the machine generated results and pull the wheat from the chaff.

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