Chevrolet to get in-car 4G LTE connectivity and HTML5 apps

Chevrolet has partnered up with AT&T and OnStar to bring in-car 4G LTE connectivity and a collection of HTML5 apps to some of the company’s future cars. The 4G LTE service also features a Wi-Fi access point built into the car that can support up to seven devices. This is just one more move in a growing number of steps towards a new age of connected cars. 

Chevrolet, AT&T and OnStar banded together yesterday at CES 2014 to offer us a glimpse of the heart of the Connected by OnStar 4G LTE infotainment offering: AppShop. The new service will feature a curated collection of HTML5 apps — read: So if you’re driving in the sticks and are out of cell range, your apps mostly won’t work — focused on music, weather, news and vehicle telematics all connected via AT&T’s LTE network. All cars that include the OnStar 4G LTE service will also feature a WiFi access point built into the car with support for up to seven devices — taking advantage of the same AT&T LTE link, though, still no word on the data service’s pricing.

By Chastity Mansfield

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