Company turns your quirky ideas into reality and pays you for them

Have you ever had a crazy idea that you’re sure would be successful but lacked the ability to make it a reality? Well thanks to a new company called Quirky, those ideas can actually become a reality, and you’ll get paid for them too. Simply submit your idea to Quirky and hope that the community votes it as one of their favorites. If that happens, Quirky will build your product for you and give you a share of the profits. 

Think you’ve got a great idea for a new gadget, kitchen utensil, or smartphone accessory? Submit it to Quirky, and you could see it become a reality. Quirky, a crowdsourcing company based in New York City, works on a very simple premise: users submit ideas, the community votes on their favorites, and the Quirky team then design, produce, and sell them. Original inventors receive credit for their ideas as well as a share in royalties once the product is on sale. Sounds good, right? And it is — especially for consumers. Seriously, the site and iPhone app are full of things you never knew you needed, like a power-cord tidier so you stop running your expensive MacBook charger over with your chair, or a citrus spritzer, so you can…uh…spray fresh lemon juice at things.

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By Scarlett Madison

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