Control a swarm of drone minions with hand gestures

The University of Illinois’ Aerospace Robotics and Control Laboratory has released a new video demonstrating how someone can control a swarm of drone minions with hand gestures. The quadrotors were purchased from a store and altered so that they could be controlled by someone wearing special tech gloves. 

A video just released by the Aerospace Robotics and Control Laboratory at the University of Illinois shows just how close we are to having our own armies of flying robot minions. There, a group of ten small, highly maneuverable quadrotors was plucked from the store shelves and made to act as a squadron of obedient robotic servants. Wearing a pair of gloves that remind us a bit of those worn by Tom Cruise in Minority Report, a student is able to control the entire squadron in either a single group, or to split it into two separate groups. The quadrotors can also fly in formation, but the real trick here is their ability to sense people in their midst.

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