Creators of Candy Crush trademark the word "Candy"

The people who made Candy Crush think they now own the word Candy, at least when it comes to games and a bunch of merchandise. How adorable. Seems that in February 2013, the game’s makers submitted a trademark application for the word. One that on January 15 2014 was approved for publication in the United States, meaning it’s only a few weeks away from becoming official.

Candy Crush Saga is the most pervasive casual game phenomena since Angry Birds and it seems intent on crushing any potential competitors—at least those that use the word “candy” in their titles. Limited registered claim with the US trademark office almost a year ago, to the word ‘candy’ as it pertains to video games (and clothing!) Well, last Wednesday, January 15, King’s filing was approved and today there are reports that developers are receiving emails from Apple if their games contain the word “candy” in the title. There is no report yet if any clothing makers have been contacted, but a quick look at the Zaraterez website shows that they are no longer offering Candy Crush as one of their leggings offerings.

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