Cyclodrones escort and protect you while you’re riding your bike

Someday in the not-too-distant future, you might take a bike ride with a couple of drones, one flying in front and one in back, to protect you from nearby cars. As you ride around tight corners, the “Cyclodrone” will shine a beacon of light to warn drivers that you’re there, hosting a tiny camera to record any accidents.

A safer world is among the nascent promises of drone technology, and frog design, a nearly 40 year old design firm behind concepts ranging from the old-school Sony Walkman to South African HIV home testing kits, just unveiled a new line of drone concepts for safe living. They include: a drone that identifies avalanche risks, a drone that goes into a burning building to locate people, a drone to harvest fields, and a drone that follows you on your bike. Yes, a drone that goes for a ride with you. The Cyclodrone would consist of a drone in front of the rider and a drone behind them, both keeping a safe distance. The drone would sync with their cell phone to monitor movements, and users would have to preprogram the route you’re taking so that the drone ahead knows where to go.


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By Connor Livingston

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