FitBark helps you track your dog's health and fitness

Dogs, just like humans, need their exercise as well, and one of the ways to tell if there’s something wrong with your dog is by looking at their activity levels. If a dog is sick and unwell, chances are it is less willing to run around and play like it normally would. Monitoring your dog’s activity levels is one of the things the creators of FitBark are hoping to do.

The fitness tracker market is pretty crowded. But FitBark wants to own the market of fitness trackers for dogs. The company is preparing to ship its FitBark device in March so that you can track your dog’s health with an app. “FitBark is a way to be a better dog parent,” said Sara Rossi, co-founder of FitBark, in an interview with VentureBeat. She was showing the latest version of FitBark off at the Eureka Park section of the 2014 International CES, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas this week.

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