GameFace is an Android-powered alternative to Oculus Rift

GameFace Labs detailed its in-development GameFace Mark 4 VR headset at last week’s CES in Las Vegas, revealing that its Oculus Rift competitor features head-tracking wireless gameplay without requiring a connected PC. Engadget reports that a 3D-printed prototype version of the GameFace connected with a DualShock 3 controller to aid player immersion, though some games were controlled via physical movement.

After all the time we’ve spent with Oculus VR’s latest Crystal Cove prototype last week — our first Best of CES award winner! — you might think we’re all VR’d out. You’d be wrong, and when the folks at GameFace Labs offered us a chance to check out their Android-based, standalone VR headset, we jumped at the chance. The Mark IV model of GFL’s unnamed headset is a 3D-printed proof of concept, and it serves that goal fantastically. We put on the headset, were handed a paired Bluetooth gamepad (Sony’s DualShock 3) and were instantly transported to a lower-res version of the Tuscany demo we’ve seen running previously on the Rift. Only there’s one major difference here: no wires.

By Michio Hasai

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