Google Glasses with prescription lenses are coming soon

An unofficial, $99 prescription lens option is coming to Google Glass thanks to Rochester Optical. The price is merely a starting point though, more complex prescriptions, tinting, and other options will be more expensive. The devices are expected to go up for pre-order shortly after CES 2014.

Rochester Optical will offer a $99 prescription lens option for Google Glass, with pre-orders expected to start shortly after next week’s Consumer Electronics Show. The company shared details with SlashGear, saying it will provide more information at CES. The $99 price tag will include lenses for the wearable display, but the price will rise with complex prescriptions, tinting and other options. Given that I wear progressive bifocals with Glass now, I suspect I’d fall into the “complex prescriptions” category. Rochester Optical hasn’t yet said how the lenses will attach to Google Glass.

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