Google offers $2.71828 million to anyone who can hack Chrome OS

Google  announced it is hosting its fourth Pwnium competition, aptly named Pwnium 4, this March. The security contest’s main focus will be Chrome OS, for which the company will be offering up to a total of $2.71828 million in rewards for security researchers.  Just like in 2013, if you can hack Chrome OS, you’ll walk away with a six-figure check. 

Google has announced details of its fourth annual Pwnium competition, offering up a total of $2.71828 million in rewards for researchers who are able to crack the security of Chrome OS. As the math geeks might have already realized, that 2.71828m limit is in honor of the mathematical constant e. The top prize is $150,00 for a “compromise with device persistence” delivered remotely; you can also pick up $110,000 for a “browser or system-level compromise” applied as a logged-in or guest user. Prospective hackers can choose between the Wi-Fi-only HP Chromebook 11 or the AcerC720 Chromebook for their attempted break-ins.


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