Imgur releases new analytics tools for Pro users

Imgur has slowly but steadily been adding a host of features over the last year or so. After making a big move to become the YouTube of viral images, the company built new Android and iPhone apps as well as a full-on meme generator — and its latest new feature could resonate equally with hardcore Imgur users as well as those who advertise on the site. Today, Imgur is launching a full-fledged analytics program that’ll let Imgur Pro users track exactly how many people are viewing their images and exactly where on the internet they spread to.

Bootstrapped and profitable image-sharing platform (and Yahoo acquisition targetImgur is today introducing a new analytics platform that will allow both individual users and advertisers the ability to track where an image is shared online, and how it’s distributed around the web in real-time. The idea is aimed at furthering the company’s goal of becoming the home for image-sharing and entertainment on the web, the company says. Founded in 2009, Imgur today sees 128 million uniques per month, equating to 4.5 billion monthly pageviews. It currently hosts over 650 million images and sees as many as 1.5 million uploads daily.

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