Internet Explorer 11 manages to more than triple its market share

Internet Explored still dominates the web browser market with a 57.91% share by the end of 2013. However, this share is divided between several different versions of the browser. The newest version, Internet Explorer 11, has managed to more than triple its market share, landing at 10.42% by the end of 2013. This still only puts in second place behind IE10 which has an 11.05% share.

December saw the second full month of IE11 availability with Windows 8.1, the release of Firefox 26, and the first full month of Chrome 31 availability. The latest numbers from Net Applications show IE11 tripled its market share, although only all versions of Chrome managed to gain share overall last month. Between November and December, IE overall slipped 0.45 percentage points (from 58.36 percent to 57.91 percent), Firefox dipped 0.19 percentage points (from 18.54 percent to 18.35 percent), and Chrome gained 0.78 percentage points (from 15.44 percent to 16.22 percent). Safari meanwhile dipped 0.08 percentage points to 5.82 percent and Opera slid 0.06 percentage points to 1.33 percent.

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