Kansas professors demand suspension of new social media policy

More than 80 professors in Kansas are asking the Board of Regents to suspend a new social media policy. The University of Kansas and Kansas State University professors signed a letter to the regents, expressing “continued concern” about the policy. They say the policy prevents faculty and staff at the state’s universities from exercising their freedom of speech.

According to multiple reports, it looks like the Kansas Board of Regents’ controversial social media policy will have a short life. The policy is meant to define responsible use of social media by faculty and staff at the state’s six higher education institutions. The mandated policy was implemented December 18, 2013 with no input from either faculty or staff at any of the state’s institutions. The policy was inspired by a tweet from journalism professor David Guth (seen below) wishing the death of children of National Rifle Association members.  Guth apologized for the tweet after the fact and was placed on administrative leave in the fall of 2013. He has not returned to teaching duties yet.

By Carl Durrek

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