LG G Flex will be coming to the U.S. this month on Sprint

LG always promised it wouldn’t keep the G Flex to itself, and following its release in Hong Kong and a few other countries just before Christmas, we’ve now got confirmation the flexible phone is about to go on sale in America. The first network to sell the G Flex will be Sprint, and it arrives at the end of this month. When it does, it’ll connect to Sprint Spark, the new high speed data network.

Are curved screens the future of smartphones? Americans will have their say about the strange new species of mobile device when the LG G Flex arrives on our shores Jan. 31 on Sprint. The G Flex is one of the first smartphones to use flexible OLED display technology to brandish a curved screen, which LG says is more natural to hold up to one’s face. So far, the only other phone like this is the Samsung Galaxy Round, which features a screen that curves horizontally instead of vertically. Although the G Flex isn’t technically bendable, the phone can withstand being “flattened” if pushed between two surfaces.

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