LiquiGlide ensures you don't waste a drop of you condiments

Consumers expend a remarkable amount of energy interacting with household goods. We’re constantly shaking bottles of mustard or salad dressing, praying the condiments will eventually spill onto our food. But a new solution from MIT called LiquiGlide could finally end such first-world woes once and for all while dealing a serious blow to the world’s waste.

According to studies that have been conducted, it has been estimated that we waste about 1-13% of our toothpaste. 17-25% of our lotion, 7-16% of detergent, and 3-15% of condiments simply because we could not get them out of their containers. Sure you could also cut them open but it’s just a messy process that not many people are willing to do. Well the good news is that such wastage could be a thing of the past as former MIT PhD candidate, Dave Smith, has taken his invention on the road and is negotiating with some of the larger consumer packaged good companies to incorporate his LiquiGlide lubricant, a lubricant which is so slippery that it promises to get every last drop out of that bottle, including glue!

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