Microsoft claims Windows Phones outsold iPhones in 24 markets

According to Christopher Flores, director of communications for Microsoft, Windows Phone is gaining traction on both ends of the market. Flores claims that Windows Phone is the second most popular platform in 14 markets around the world. And if that doesn’t make Windows Phone fans feel giddy, consider this. According to Flores, in 24 markets, Windows Phone is outselling the Apple iPhone. While overall the improvement is coming from a small base, Flores says that Windows Phone is the fastest growing platform globally.

Now, when you hear a particularly provocative statement such as the above, what kind of conclusion can you draw? For starters, does this mean that the iPhone is in big trouble, and Appleā€™s stock is going to slide on a downward spiral with no way of checking it in sight? Not really, and a whole lot of it depends on how you read the situation. Basically, everyone knows that Windows Phone has gained some grounds in the last year, especially with the entry level Nokia Lumia 520 and Lumia 521 handsets, while on the high end of the spectrum, there is the Nokia Lumia 1520.

By Rocco Penn

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